One of the first question when you get started as a developer of Android mobile applications is whether or not you need to be registered with Google Play Developer program or Amazon Developer program?

Well, there hundreds of Android app stores, comparing with one centralized store for iOS (iTunes Connect). KickApp support Google Play and Amazon AppStore.


Google Play Developer Account  ($25/lifetime)

There are several ways to make your app available for Android devices. The easiest is through Google Play store with Google Developer App Account.

Google Play Developer Console enables android developers to easily publish and distribute their applications directly from their accounts to users of Android-compatible phones.


For more information about signing up for an Google Play Developer Account Console, click here. 

Amazon Appstore Developer Portal -  Free (waived $99 program fee)

There are three steps to getting your app into the Amazon Appstore for Android: create an account, submit your app, and make your app available.

The first step is creating an account.  This is the easy part – you can create an account directly on the Amazon Appstore Developer Portal.  It’s free to register for a developer account. Go to the Amazon Appstore Developer Portal to create your account.