KickApp provides a range of services to help you develop mobile apps that can scale to hundreds of millions of users, and reach global audiences. With KickApp, you can quickly and easily add mobile features to your app, including user authentication, data storage, content delivery, backend logic, analytics dashboards, and push notifications - all from a single, integrated console. KickApp also offers a broad and deep set of highly scalable, fully managed services so you can include capabilities like streaming, search in your app without having to manage any infrastructure.

What you get using KickApp builder service:

  • Huge set of features you can use in your app (Geo location, Check-In, Shopping Cart, Image Galleries, Rss, Menus, Search, Paypal Payment, etc).
  • Easy to use CMS for create / maintain your application. No coding skills required. 
  • Build the same application on iOS, Android, WebApp.
  • Increase user engagement by sending push notifications to individuals or groups of users.
  • Measure and analyze app usage.
  • Monetize your app using integrated Ad Networks: iAd, AdMob, DFP, RevMob, Pollfish.
  • Sync your app content, change your app look & feel on the fly.