One of the first question when you get started as a developer of iOS mobile applications is whether or not you need to be registered with Apple Developers program? 

The short answer is YES, but at the very beginning it is not necessary to enroll in Apple Developer program till you don't have an app ready to publish. It is enough to be registered on Apple and use non-paid developer certificates for testing purposes. Or using KickApp iOS previewer application you can easily test in real time all your apps look & feel, send push notifications, update content, change app style and much more amazing features. 

Once you are happy with the content of your app it is time to submit your app to Apple Store, so it is time to enroll with Apple Developer Program (if you're not already a member) and prepare all required certificates for application submission. 

Apple Developer Program (iTunes App Store) - ($99/year)


Once you decide to make your app for iPhone/iPad, it must be available in the iTunes App Store for iOS for users to download. Apple developer program has this requirement in place to protect iOS users as well as to regulate what type of content is available for iPhones and iPads. The cost is $99 per year for the Apple developer license which allows you to publish unlimited apps on the iTunes App Store (each app on KickApp requires to be covered by a subscription plan).


Unfortunately, there are no alternatives for making your app available besides the one that Apple provides.  For more information about signing up for an Apple Developer Account with your Apple ID, click here.