As you might know, iOS 8 has a new Feature called Health. This is a native app developed by Apple that gives you an easy-to-read dashboard of your health and fitness data.

KickAppBuilder provide you the HealthKit Page type which allows you to manage the iOS Health App and its data from the Application you created on KickAppBuilder platform.

In order to add a new HealthKit Page in your app, go to website, click "Edit Pages" menu then click on the "+" (Add New Page) button. From the list of the page types available, select HealthKit and click on the "create" button.

Once the page is added, you may proceed with editing it.

  1.  There are 5 Categories for which you may add different parameters. You may drag the Categories and switch their places.

  2.  Here you may add the parameters you plan to use for each Category.

  3.  Choose how you want the data inputted on the device to be shown.

Once you open the HealthKit Page Type the first time on a device in the KickAppBuilder App Previewer or in a published App, you will need to choose what data do you want to synchronize with the iOS Health App.

Once you are done, you can add entries for each Category in the HealthKit Page.

The data you add will automatically be synchronized with the Health App. You can anytime add new data. Also, if you make changes in the iOS Health App, they will automatically synchronize with the HealthKit Page type.

In the iOS Health App you may view the history of all inputted data. You may also view graphics stats.


* The HealthKit Page type is ONLY available on iPhone and iPod Touch devices which run on iOS 8 and higher. This page is not available for iPad or Android devices.

* If you manually publish an Application with HealthKit Page type, make sure to enable HealthKit permission for the Bundle ID on Apple Developer website.

* This feature is not available in the current App Previewer version. It will be available in the next version (approximately 1 week).