Any application by default has restricted access only from app owner's account. However, if you need to create an app for someone else, whether you're an agency or contractor, you can create and publish multiple apps from your account, and give restricted access to your clients in order to manage the app after publish it to app stores. 

For instance, you create an app for client John (who owns a shop). He wants to have possibility to send Push Notifications to his app users, but the app is hosted in your account with KickAppBuilder, and obviously you don't want to give John access to your account. In this case you just go to your app `App Settings -> Access Control (PRIVACY)` and configure access control level and features you want John to be able to manage. 

This is a configuration per app, you can specify for each app individually access level and what kind of features anyone (with the access link) can manage when the app is published.

Here are simple steps to follow to give access to your app: 

  1. Go to your application dashboard

          On the right corner you can see link button, when you click on it you will see generated URL to this specific app. This URL you can share with your clients so they can manage specific things you allow for this app (1)

         Next, you have to go to App Settings and select on the left Access Control (Privacy) tab. 

 Currently we do support for the following app features:  

  • Push Notifications
  • Announcements pages
  • PN Topics pages
  • Calendar pages
  • Coupon pages
  • Geofences
  • Loyalty pages
  • Map pages
  • Product Order pages (manage list of products for shop)
  • Booking pages
  • Login / Register pages

All you need to do is to send to your clients a specific URL to the app manage console and ACCESSCODE (which is kind of password) and they will be able to manage by themselves the above features for the existing app(s).

As a result when your clients will open the URL, they will be prompted to enter access code which you will need to provide to your clients as well. 

After you click Sign In button you will be redirected to app control panel where you will have access to specific controls for this app. In this case we have enabled just Push Notifications

 When you click on Push Notifications button you will be redirected to control panel for sending Push notification messages. 

            Now your client can send Push Notification messages to the app users whenever they want to. 


          If you have any questions or suggestions with the information from this tutorial please leave a comment or contact us. 

         Thank you,

         KickAppBuilder Support Team