We regret to inform you that the KickAppBuilder platform will be closing service by Jan 31st, 2021. In the recent announcement SeattleCloud platform, whose white-label solution client we are, gave us very short notice that they have decided to close down their business, this means that KickAppBuilder is forced to be out of business because our platform entirely relies on their services. The last day of business will be on Jan 31st, 2021. After that date, KickAppBuilder.Com  service will be shut down and will no longer be offering app-building services.

The decision to close down this business was not an easy one, it was forced by our services provider. We enjoyed the relationships with our customers over the years.

What does this mean to you as our valued customer?
KickAppBuilder active customers will still receive support until January 31, 2021. After January 31, 2021, Seattle Cloud will shut down operations and you will lose access to your applications and data hosted on Seattle Cloud’s servers. Seattle Cloud strongly encourages you to begin searching for an application that can replace your Seattle Cloud/KickAppBuilder service and product.

What will happen to my mobile app(s)? 
Seattle Cloud will also continue to maintain business systems and servers that support your current mobile application until January 31, 2021. After January 31, 2021, your mobile app will cease to operate on the Seattle Cloud network.

We would like to thank all of our customers that we have done business with over the years. KickAppBuilder could not have been as successful as it was without your loyalty.

KickAppBuilder Support Team